Web Site Solutions by Simnova LLC
Simnova takes a unique approach to web design and follows the Simnova philosophy. Simnova has developed the following process for developing successful web solutions.

Understand Business World
Before any web page is developed or flashy graphic is designed, Simnova takes the time to understand the business. Business relationships are identified from competitors to suppliers to partners. Information needs are assessed in respect to both the company and those who work with it.

Goal Identification and Milestone Development
A collection of all the benefits that can be attained through the project is discussed and prioritized. The highest priority benefits are then matched with the budget to identify the goals of the project. The goals are laid out over time to develop milestones so that the project is ensured to stay on course.

Image Review
Creating a presence online must portray the correct image and needs to be consistent with other ways the company is viewed. This consistency gives visitors a feeling of comfort and stability with your company. Managing the proper presence on the internet will keep visitors’ interest and allow them to do more business with your company. The image review takes a look at your current image and incorporates your online presence to determine how best to marry the two.

Website Design
The actual design of the website is broken down into four distinct phases.

• Website Analysis and Initial Design
• Content Development and Integration
• Unveiling of New Internet Presence
• Review

Internet Marketing
Merely having an online presence is no guarantee that anyone will find your website. Simnova approaches Internet Marketing from three different perspectives.

• Attract new customers not yet familiar with the business.
• Retain customers and keep them informed about your products and services.
• Attract customers who are interested in related products and services.