Internet Marketing
Simnova offers an Internet Marketing Campaign that helps your business gain exposure. Simnova will employ both state-of-the-art and tried-and-true methods to market your company.

Simnova will utilize a multiple perspective approach, which entails the following aspects:

• Search Engine Marketing (useful tool for determining keywords)
• Email Marketing
• Partner Marketing

This multiple perspective approach targets three different types of customers:

1. Those who are looking for products that your company offers but are unaware of your company.
2. Those already know about your company but are unaware of new products and services.
3. Those who are interested in related products and services who may be interested in what your company offers.

What follows is a more detailed description of each of the three aspects to this marketing campaign.

Search Engine Marketing
Attract new customers not yet familiar with the business.

Search Engine Marketing focuses on searches done on the most popular search engines which identify the most qualified customers. Successful search engine marketing must identify which searches yield the most qualified customers, what information they are looking for, and finally how to present what they are looking for in a manner that attracts them to your site.

Simnova will work with you to determine which searches should be concentrated on and then will develop web pages specifically targeting those searches. These customized pages showcase your business in the best manner - not just in the webpage but in the search results as well. Simnova will optimize each of these pages to help your site reach the top of the search results.

Since most internet searches are done on only a few search engines, it is better to concentrate on the quality of results from the top search engines, rather than just the number of different submissions. Simnova will submit your site to the major search engines once it is optimized, and will then periodically revisit the site to ensure it continues to prove to be a valued component of your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing
Retain customers and keep them informed about your products and services.

Email Marketing is a successful tool if used correctly. Email Marketing is the distribution of consistent, periodical, helpful and informative messages to those who wish to receive them. Simnova will provide you with the necessary tools and training to best take advantage of Email Marketing.

The following are the tools provided with the Email Marketing solution:

• Email Broadcaster
A tool that lets you compose and distribute your messages.
• Subscription manager
A tool that lets visitors to your site subscribe and unsubscribe to your email marketing newsletter.

Partner Marketing
Attract customers who are interested in related products and services.

Partner Marketing is an effective means to virtually expand your sales force. Partner Marketing allows you to set up relationships with business that complement yours (that is that you both share the same customer base but do not compete in products or services). Once these relationships are established the Simnova Referral System can be implemented which pays partners when they refer sales to you.