SimnovaTM makes businesses perform better by architecting solutions that improve communications, efficiency, relationships, and insight.

It all begins by understanding the business...
SimnovaTM first gains a holistic knowledge of the business. This involves not just understanding the business but also its competitors, customers, suppliers, and complementors. Knowledge with this widened viewpoint gives SimnovaTM a unique perspective by seeing what interactions the business has with the world around it.

Once the business' world has been determined, more detailed information is compiled on the business at hand. Business processes, inter-departmental communications and business rules are documented and reviewed both by business leaders and middle management. A picture of where things are currently and why is documented while a new picture of where things should be is developed. Between these two contrasting pictures SimnovaTM works with the business to develop a smooth road with many milestones and a few checkpoints along the way giving a clear transition from one to the other. The milestones are matched with specific business measurements that are used to keep the company aligned with its future vision. Checkpoints are breakpoints along this journey, where pre-determined aspects of the future picture are revisited and may be revised based on new information gleaned along the way.
..with this understanding the road to better performance begins to take form...
Systems are integral to the accurate and steady movement to becoming the ideal company. The systems provide accurate business measurements that are used daily and are measured against the milestone markers as well as provide insight at checkpoints. SimnovaTM works hand in hand with the business to make sure that the information and knowledge needed from these systems both for today and far down the road is available and accurate. In development of the systems SimnovaTM strives to keep them flexible so that they adapt to the changes as set forth in the roadmap.

Systems keep business leaders from driving blind. The systems give the leaders accurate readings of key performance indicators of the business in real-time allowing them to react quickly. To improve their reactions, the systems will enable leaders to work with what-if scenarios, determining the best course of action to take on events that have yet to happen.
...and getting to become the ideal company and ahead of the competition becomes an adventure rather than a journey filled with turmoil.
With the roadmap to success in hand, accurate tools to keep you pointed in the right direction and proactively seeking better ways to keep on the straight and narrow having SimnovaTM on your side keeps you focused on reaching your goals.