Web Site Design
Your web site will be designed to your specifications, reflecting the image you want to portray to visitors to your website. Web site design is based on a four phase process ensuring that the site is designed on budget and satisfies your needs.

Phase One: Website Analysis and Initial Design
Analyze and evaluate organizational infrastructure.
By gaining a better understanding of the business you are in, your competitors, businesses that complement you, and the direction you are headed, we are able to design a website structure that fits your company’s needs. A web site mock up, including a rough graphic design to show the structure of the web site, will be produced from this phase.
Product From Phase One: Web Site Mock Up

Phase Two: Content Development and Integration
Build content and applications.
Once the mock up has been reviewed, we work with you to help develop content and applications that bring visitors to your website closer to you, allowing for more interaction. A functional web site prototype will be produced from this phase and will undergo acceptance testing to determine if the content is appropriate and the applications work as needed.
Product From Phase Two: Web Site Prototype

Phase Three: Unveiling of New Internet Presence
Finalize website and publish live on the internet.
When the website prototype is deemed ready to be published, the website is placed on its web server and made available to the public.
Product From Phase Three: Finalized Web Site

Phase Four: Review
Revisit and review.
Periodically after the site is developed, we will check back with you to review your needs from the website and determine a course of action if changes need to be made.